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National & Regional Conference Presentations   Teaching with David Foster Wallace
The David Foster Wallace Conference, Illinois State University, 2017

Living with David Foster Wallace
Society for the Study of Midwestern Language
Michigan State University, 2011

If a Traditional Academic Essay Falls in the Forest, Does Anybody Hear It?
Graduate Research Network
Computers & Writing
Purdue University, 2010

Remixing Writing Classrooms: Accessing Tools and Techniques
Computers & Writing
Purdue University, 2010

Gettin’ Professionally Developed: Learnin’ Graduate School Literacies Through the McNair Scholars Program
Expanding Literacies Graduate Conference, Ohio State University, 2009

Remix, Play, and Remediation: The New Work of Composing
Thomas R. Watson, Conference, 2008

Show And Tell: Multimedia Composition as A New Writing Space for Pedagogy and Research
Computers & Writing
Wayne State University, 2007

Folksonomies: It’s Time to Reach for an Information Cloud, Not A Card Catalog
When Conducting Scholarly Research
Computers & Writing
Wayne State University, 2007

Negotiating Textual Appropriation in the Remix Culture: Voices from the Copyright Food Chain
Computers & Writing
Wayne State University, 2007

Where’s Roger Waters’ Pulitzer Prize?”
Panel Chair
National Popular Culture Association
Boston, MA, 2007

Outreach & Service  

atient Satisfaction Committee Grade Med, 2016-2017

The Power of We
East Lansing, MI, 2008, 2009

Young Author’s Conference
Non-Fiction Writing
East Lansing, MI, 2007

Commonground Fest
Lansing, Michigan, 2006

Project Green
International Community Service Fair
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI, 2006

Committee Member
usiness, Education, and Workforce Development
Butler Community College, 2003-2005

Wichita Radio Reading Service (WRRS)